Cultural Treasure Hunt- 2016

Not a corner was cut, not a cranny or nook was spared, no stone was left unturned as 24 young minds descended upon the Indian Customs and Central Excise Museum in Panjim in search of the precious treasure that is Knowledge. And Knowledge they found. Through the clues and quizzes they learned the history of the Customs department as well as the history of our State and country and it’s historical relations with others across the world.


We conducted the second Magic Box at ASRO, Thivim. ASRO is a home care for for HIV/Aids children at Tivim, Bardez. The home is under the supervision of a doctor.


Communicare Trust along with six students from Goa Institute of Management, Sanquelim this time visited a rural village of North Goa, Morlem with our Magic Box project.

St. Andrew’s Vasco Da Gama

Communicare Trust and the students of Goa Institute of Management conducted the second Magic Box workshop for the year at St. Andrew’s High School in Vasco Da Gama .

SANTA CRUZ 2014-15

For the year of 2014-15, the Santa Cruz Magic box was our first Waste Management workshop for the year. This was held with the kids from Bethesda Life Center.


Our second Magic Box Workshop of 2015 was also our second workshop in Morlem and was conducted in association with the students participating in the Goa Institute of Management Give Goa outreach program Morlem High School. We celebrated World European Languages day, the 26th of September, with the kids of Morlem High School.


Our first Magic Box Workshop of 2015 was conduct in association with the students participating in the Goa Institute of Management Give Goa outreach program at the Smt. Sunandabai Bandodkar High Schol. This time the workshop was conducted with a larger number of kids as per request of the school authorities. The Give Goa team first briefed the students on what the workshop consisted of and what was the aim of conducting the workshop. Then, to get the students a bit more excited , they played two games with them on the theme of Waste Management and Segregation. After this they began the process of creating the one minute movies with the kids. Using characters made out of dry waste , the kids came up with stories about waste management and created their own story boards for these stories.


The first Magic Box workshop took place in Aldona in collaboration with the Aldona Institute, in the month of April, 2013. Titled, “Waste Management Animation Workshop,” the initiative took off in full swing right from the first day itself, i.e. 19th of April. Fifteen kids from the village turned up and were very inquisitive to the idea of waste disposal and recycling. The workshop began with the founder of Aldona Citizen Initiative, Mr. Avinash Mesquita speaking to the kids about the importance of waste segregation accompanied by several illustrations, videos and case studies.