António Xavier Trindade was born in Sanguem, Goa in 1870.

After being encouraged to pursue his artistic talent, Trindade enrolled at the Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art & Industry in Bombay, a prestigious institution dedicated to the teaching of painting, sculpture and design which followed the traditions of European naturalism as expressed by the South Kensington system.

His vast body of work matured in the 1920s–1930s, a decade when the artist focused mainly on portraits, landscapes and still lifes.

Influenced by his western upbringing and European artistic trends of that period, Trindade knew how to integrate this legacy naturally into his paintings, either by the themes he chose or the way he approached them.

The work of António Xavier Trindade skilfully interweave the cultural universes of the Subcontinent and Western Europe, ensuring that he won great acclaim and the highest honours an artist could aspire for in India at that time.

Despite opting for a Western-style artistic career, the artist always remained loyal to the people and landscapes of India.


3 July 2016

The first workshop was on 3rd July 2016. People from different walks of life came to experience the work of António Xavier Trindade. The children put up a small play based on one of the paintings of AXT and also painted their understanding of AXT’s work.

16 August 2016

The 2nd workshop with FundaçãoOriente introduced to students the Life and Art of Antonio Xavier Trinidade. This session saw the young boys of Don Bosco High School, Panjim re-visit AXT’s works.

1 September 2016

The 3rd workshop was conducted with the children of Red Rosary School. The boys and girls experimented with theatre, drawing and had a quiz on the life of António Xavier Trindade

25 October 2016

We had the love kids of Don Bosco’s Odxel learning not only about Antonio Xavier Trinidade, but also about their own art teacher Karishma D’souza whose paintings are also on exhibit. This was our 4th workshop at Fundação Oriente India!! . They children had a lot of fun.

26 October 2016

Our 5th Workshop at FundaçãoOriente India was a success!! 14 little ones from Don Bosco’s Primary school Odxel learned about representing emotions on paper from Karishma Alvares and had an exciting time learning about their teacher, Karishma D’Souza’s, paintings. The children created butterflies and learnt about the life of AXT.

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